How to Burn More Fats with HIIT

The risks associated with gaining weight have pushed many people to burn more fat to stay healthy and be in good shape.

Sometimes the journey to seeing a lower percentage on your body fat analyzing scale becomes complicated when what … Read this post

How many calories can you burn walking?

Walking is something most of us do every day, and yet a few small adjustments made to our existing routine can increase substantially the calories burned walking.

Someone weighing 160 lbs who walks for 30 minutes at only 3 m.p.h. … Read this post

Ready, set, GO!

Welcome to this Running, Cardio and Weightloss Blog!

My name is Peter Arkanson, I’m a Product designer, Running fan and father.

I am opening this blog to talk all things Cardio, calories, and loosing weight.

My own personal journey involved … Read this post