How to Burn More Fats with HIIT

The risks associated with gaining weight have pushed many people to burn more fat to stay healthy and be in good shape.

Sometimes the journey to seeing a lower percentage on your body fat analyzing scale becomes complicated when what you thought worked for somebody is not working for you.

Such situations are likely to subject you to the drawing board to find what works for you.

High-intensity interval training, the best regimen for burning fat, continues to find favor among many athletes, body builders and fitness instructors.

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The new charm in burning more fats lies in the consistency of result among different individuals who have given it a shot.

What is HIIT

High-intensity interval training is a mixed on training pattern which involves super-fast training, moderate and slow training. It, therefore, incorporates three level of workout per session repeated throughout the entire period.

It promotes a period of super intense activities where an individual exceeds their regular running speed.

This is followed by a normal or moderate workout speed and lastly very slow workout intensity, moderate speed walking or just rest.

HIIT can be performed anywhere as long as the three workout intensity levels are observed.

It does not require any specialized equipment to facilitate the process, rather, it encourages the use of available exercise methods such as running, cycling and squatting among others.

How to Run Using HIIT

Running can be a strenuous activity with frequent injuries if not done in a way consistent with an individual body capability.

It involves more of nervous system coordination and cardiovascular activities.

As mentioned earlier, HIIT can be done anywhere, and when it comes to running, you can employ the same three level intensities. Below are some of the quick steps that can enable you to run using HIIT.

Step One

Set your target whether you want to run for 200 meters or 3000 Meters or more.

Once you set your target, you need to set the time you need to complete each level of intensity.

For example how many minutes will you take at super-high intensity level, moderate and low training level?

Step Two

Begin by completing a high-intensity running under which your body organs are assumed to be stretching beyond their limits.

You can engage in 15 minutes of high running intensity.

Next, lower your speed to a moderate level or your regular running pace where you complete the same distance you covered during high intensity for 30minutes or 45 minutes.

Lastly, switch to a very low speed, let’s say the standard walking speed, this can last you more than one hour.

Step three

Repeat the three running intensity levels until you have exhausted your workout time.

Sometimes it is easy to run using HIIT within 15 minutes by starting to run super-fast for the first five minutes, then switching for five minutes of moderate jogging and lastly talking a walk for the remaining five minutes.

There are more ways you can run using HIIT and achieve the same impressive result as long as you maintains the three-level- intensity in check.

Why HIIT is the Best Way to Burn Fats

Unlike other strenuous workout regimes, HIIT has proven to be the most efficient way to burn more fat and start falling in love with your body fat scale.

First, besides burning fat during the training period, HIIT has shown effectiveness in burning fat several hours or even up to a day after training.

Therefore, it sets your body on a continuous path of burning fats around the clock.

Also, HIIT is all-inclusive workout regime. It does fit even in a busy schedule, and you don’t have to set long hours to realize success.

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You can use as little as ten minutes to initiate a process that is going to work for several hours during and after you stop. Moreover, you can perform it anywhere at the office, at home, in the gymnasium and on your way home.

Additionally, it increases your strength and flexibility as it fires up your cardiovascular system allowing free flow of oxygenated blood around the body which also boosts your overall health.

Lastly, HIIT involves little risks or injury to the body.

A moderate training quickly smoothens the high-intensity training and finally cooled by the low intensity which provides quick recovery during and after training. You can hardly miss your training due to injury caused the previous day as it works out your entire body with magical power to keep you moving each and every day.




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