How many calories can you burn walking?

Walking is something most of us do every day, and yet a few small adjustments made to our existing routine can increase substantially the calories burned walking.

Someone weighing 160 lbs who walks for 30 minutes at only 3 m.p.h. will burn around 100 calories!

Walking is usually an injury-free activity, costs nothing and is available to all. So you have no excuses, here are some practical tips to help you burn lots more calories without going in for marathon training:

15 Ways to burn more calories while walking

  • 1. Don’t you dare get on the elevator or moving staircase -take the stairs – both ways!
  • 2. At the mall don’t join those other motorists trying to get as close as possible to the stores, instead park more easily further away and walk more.
  • 3. Help the environment and burn a few more calories by using your local bus, railroad or subway service.
  • 4. When you take to public transport, why not get off the stop before yours and walk a little further?
  • 5. Before getting the car out of your garage to go on a short local trip is there any reason why you couldn’t walk instead?
  • 6. If you are already walking your dog a couple of times a day you’re getting some excellent exercise, if not, why not walk a friends dog?
  • 7. A short walk after your meal is always a good idea.
  • 8. Taking kids or a friend with you will prevent you from concentrating purely on the act of walking.
  • 9. Walk in areas that you would not see from a car, public gardens, riverside paths or woods; you’ll be surprised at the things close to home that you are not familiar with.
  • 10. If you are walking alone, you might want to listen to some music, the radio or perhaps some form of inspirational CD.
  • 11. You don’t have to join a walking club, however ‘peer pressure’ can be a good thing and they will know where all the interesting local walks are.
  • 12. If you do the school run why not ditch the car and walk there with the kids?
  • 13. Calories burned walking means losing weight so by increasing the amount you walk each week and putting yourself on a sensible diet you will see and feel the benefits surprisingly quickly.
  • 14. Walking will help cut the risk of serious conditions such as heart attacks and strokes, reduce back pain, improve posture and benefit just about every organ in your body.
  • 15. Walking does not require spending your hard earned on fancy exercise machines, at worst you may have to get some new walking shoes.

Now you know how easy calories burned walking is to achieve and how powerful this is combined with the right diet so why not start today and just walk!

Different situations = different results

Among the best exercises according to health professionals is walking. It occurs naturally to all of us since it is associated with our life. You do not need extra effort to try and do it as compared with aerobic exercise.

It is not expensive since you just need nice walking shoes along with good weather. Below you will understand the calculated number of calories burned walking.


The terrain you trod on and the speed you use will matter in counting calories when walking. If you happen to weigh around 150 pounds and you walk on a flat surface within a perfect climate conditions, you may lose near 136 calories in an hour.

In case you take a walk on a hillside engrossed in snow, you could burn up around 400 calories an hour. The total amount of calories burned from walking depends upon speed and terrain.


In case you move or want to move a single couch from a living room to the attic upstairs, you will burn 544 calories in one hour. If you happen to move up to the attic without carrying anything, you will not burn as many calories.

If you are currently pregnant and hold an extra 15 pounds simply because of the baby inside, you will burn 238 calories in one hour if you take a walk downhill or on flat ground. If you walk your pet dog, this can easily burn you 200 calories an hour or so.

Pace matters

To increase the level of calories burned walking, your entire speed must be faster. When you are out on a stroll and walk 2 miles per hours, you can expect to shed off 136 calories an hour.

In case you increase this to 3.5 miles-per-hour, you are going to burn close to 238 calories. If you go 5 miles per hour walking, burning approximately 544 calories an hour is possible.

Once you are hiking and camping out, you are sure to boost the number of calories from fat you burn. With this kind of event, you will find a great possibility of burning 476 calories an hour.

This changes according to the weight of one’s pack as well as the terrain you trod on. In case you carry a more heavy pack and move uphill, more calories are shed.

Power walking

Power-walking is usually a fun exercise which a lot of people perform. In case you weigh 160 pounds, and you power-walk at 3.5 miles every hour, you will burn 277 calories. In case you weigh 200 pounds, you will have 346 calories burned walking.


Those who power walk burn off a considerable amount of calories than individuals who stroll in a slow pace. In case you weigh 160 pounds, you burn off 183 calories every hour once you walk at two miles per hour.

You will burn 228 calories if you weigh 200 pounds and walk two miles per hour.

To maintain a healthy weight and safeguard your state of health, walk for around 30 minutes to an hour each day. Shedding weight entails working out more and taking in a good diet.

These are the quantity calories burned walking, therefore get out of the house and start walking now.

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