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Can Squid Tentacles Help Solve the Outdoor Industry’s Sustainability Problem?

Until recently, I did not make the connection between a synthetic jacket and a barrel of crude oil. But now I know: the vast majority of polyester is petroleum-based plastic. Fifty-seven million tons—more than any other fiber in the world—were produced in 2020 alone, according to the Textile Exchange, an international consortium of manufacturers. Few […]

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What’s the Point of a Soft-Shell Jacket?

Welcome to Ask a Gear Editor, our monthly column where we answer readers’ most puzzling gear questions. Have a burning question of your own? Become an Outside+ member to ask an Outside expert for advice. Dear Gear Team,  What is the point of a soft-shell jacket? Most of the options I’ve seen at stores aren’t really waterproof […]

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Moms

Parenting through a two-year pandemic has been a lot like achieving anything tough outdoors: challenging, sometimes overwhelming, a few tears, but in the end, rewarding. Now it’s time to reward the women who hold it all together. We asked the moms, mother figures, and caregivers of Basecamp—a Facebook group for folks interested in the outdoor […]

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Insulated Jackets for Every Type of Weather

We’ve all been there: shivering because our jacket isn’t warm enough, or sweating buckets because it’s too thick. Well, there’s good news—puffies just continue to get better. They’re toastier on one end of the spectrum and more breathable, but still cozy, on the other. These are a collection of our top picks from this winter […]

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