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The Best Campers and Trailers of 2022

There’s never been a better time to be in the market for an adventure rig. Sure, waitlists may be long, thanks to overlanding’s explosive popularity combined with a pandemic that sent folks seeking outdoor experiences. But thankfully, there are more, better choices than ever before. Taxa Outdoors’ Mantis Overland ($57,874 and up) Video loading… Bringing […]

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How to Modify and Organize Your Mid-Size Truck for Maximum Utility

There’s not much room in the back of a mid-size truck with a five-foot bed. But I still manage to find space for much more than the bare essentials, while retaining the ability to haul ordinary cargo and camping gear. Here’s how.  Why Not Just Get A Bigger Truck? The answer’s simple: I prefer the […]

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The GMC Hummer EV Has Horsepower—and the Power to Impact Climate Change

1,000 horsepower. 1,200 pound-feet of torque. 9,063 pounds. $112,595. Those are some big numbers. But there’s one other big number that really helps put the new GMC Hummer EV in context: 66,000. That’s how many people have already ordered one. Last week, I took the all-electric Hummer off-roading in the Arizona desert to see how […]

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The Gear That Helped Me Turn My 4Runner into an Overlanding Rig

I’m not a convertible-sports-car kind of guy, so when I started feeling the pull of a midlife crisis, I did what some adventurous 44-year-old husbands and fathers would do: I fell deep into the rabbit hole of overlanding. You might be familiar with overlanding, in which people turn their trucks or SUVs into self-contained adventure […]

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