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How the Water Filter Became an Affordable, Ultralight Backcountry Tool

Backpackers and hikers tend to take water filtration for granted: for $18, you can buy a straw-style filter that weighs less than two ounces, is small enough to stick in your pocket, and will provide safe drinking water from any stream, lake, or questionable puddle in the country. It’s nothing short of a miracle, however, […]

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Our Editors’ Worst Night of Outdoor Sleep Ever

We’ve all been there: lying awake in a sleeping bag, staring into darkness, wishing for sleep. Insomnia is a common affliction in the outdoors, and Outside’s editors are hardly immune. Here’s a collection of our worst nights of sleep in the woods. Our hope is that these stories help you to avoid the missteps we’ve […]

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The Sandal Bracket Is Here. Vote for Your Favorite in Outside’s Sandal Battle.

Nothing tells us that warm weather has arrived quite like the sight of a pair of sandals. But boy, do we have opinions about which sandals are the best. We all know people who are true brand loyalists. I’m thinking of your pal who swears by their decades-old, raggedy shoes, still worn only because they’re […]

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How to Modify and Organize Your Mid-Size Truck for Maximum Utility

There’s not much room in the back of a mid-size truck with a five-foot bed. But I still manage to find space for much more than the bare essentials, while retaining the ability to haul ordinary cargo and camping gear. Here’s how.  Why Not Just Get A Bigger Truck? The answer’s simple: I prefer the […]

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