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As E-bikes, Scooters, and Onewheels Become More Popular, Cyclists are Getting Squeezed Out

There was a time when riding a bike in the city was simple, if a bit dicey. There were cars, and there were traffic lights. You avoided the former, you ignored the latter, and if you were lucky you managed to stay alive. What could be easier? Today, things are a lot more complicated. In […]

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The E-Bike Is Pure Joy

Earlier this week, The Atlantic ruffled feathers across the cycling world with a column titled “The E-bike Is a Monstrosity.” Ignoring the headline, I read the essay, written by columnist Ian Bogost, to try and understand his ambivalence toward an invention that—full disclosure—I absolutely adore. Bogost’s take, when boiled down, is that e-bikes are neither bicycles […]

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