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Can I Be Opposed to Yankee Imperialism and Still Surf in Mexico?

Dear Sundog: Two decades ago, my friend and I drove far south of the border until I came to a perfect little fishing village on the coast that I’ll call Playa X. We camped on the beach, surfed, and subsisted on fish tacos and avocados. I went back many times, hardly spent any money, and […]

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6 Ways You Can Get Diarrhea on a Camping Trip (And How To Avoid Them)

Diarrhea may be the most common illness experienced by campers. It’s also one of the most unpleasant. Fortunately, avoiding the runs is easy, once you learn what causes it.  Problem: Contaminated Water Solution: Boiled water, chlorine dioxide tablets, a filter Water-borne pathogens include bacteria, viruses, and parasites. They’ll give you diarrhea if they get in your […]

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How Many Breakfast Burritos Could Fit in the Giant Chilean Sinkhole?

There’s a sinkhole in Chile that’s growing fast—it doubled in size over the past week—and has caused the shutdown of a nearby copper mine. According to the most recent estimate, the potential hellmouth was 164 feet wide and 656 feet deep, and people on the internet have been trying to quantify that the way they […]

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Thanks to Dometic, You’ll Have Running Water on Your Next Camping Trip

How do you carry water when you go camping? Disposable water bottles are terrible for the environment. Big water containers are difficult to pour, challenging to carry, and tough to fit into your vehicle. And, beyond providing drinking water, none of the above are optimized for common tasks like brushing teeth, cleaning dishes, or washing […]

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The Best Free Campsites in All 50 States

While everyone else is scrambling to get a coveted campsite in state and national parks across the country this summer, there’s a whole bunch of public land that’s open (and free!) for you to enjoy. The federal government owns over a quarter of our nation’s landmass—more than 640 million acres—and a good chunk of that […]

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Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen With These Pro Tips

Ashley Rodriguez has taught cooking classes, worked at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, and done professional food photography. She also writes and hosts Kitchen Unnecessary, a James Beard Award–nominated YouTube show that she created about cooking outdoors with wild ingredients. That’s how we found her. “I have made smoked clam carbonara, with […]

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