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The Best Car Camping Bags and Pads of 2022

NEMO Jazz ($300) (Photo: Courtesy Nemo) Best Solo Bag Everything about this 30-degree synthetic bag feels indulgent, from the 77-inch girth (roomy enough for side sleeping) to the removable, washable microfiber liner sheet that buttons into the inside for added coziness. That’s in addition to an oversize draft collar and an extra-large insulated hood. The […]

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Yes, It’s Possible to Find Affordable Adventuremobiles Right Now

A global pandemic. A war in Europe. Worldwide supply chain issues. A massive shortage of semiconductors and materials. Runaway inflation. Rogue protestors and Republican governors shutting down border crossings. Five-dollars-per-gallon gasoline. The market for cars and trucks has gone positively haywire. Vehicles are more expensive than ever—if you can find one. But even now, it […]

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The Sandal Bracket Is Here. Vote for Your Favorite in Outside’s Sandal Battle.

Nothing tells us that warm weather has arrived quite like the sight of a pair of sandals. But boy, do we have opinions about which sandals are the best. We all know people who are true brand loyalists. I’m thinking of your pal who swears by their decades-old, raggedy shoes, still worn only because they’re […]

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Want to Upgrade Your Mobile Kitchen? Get a Range.

Ten years ago, Erin French, a James Beard Award semifinalist and owner of The Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine, outfitted her 1965 Airstream with a semi-functional kitchen, complete with a 1930s stove that she says singed her bangs off. During the early stages of the pandemic, French began using her Airstream as an auxiliary kitchen for […]

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The Gear That Helped Me Turn My 4Runner into an Overlanding Rig

I’m not a convertible-sports-car kind of guy, so when I started feeling the pull of a midlife crisis, I did what some adventurous 44-year-old husbands and fathers would do: I fell deep into the rabbit hole of overlanding. You might be familiar with overlanding, in which people turn their trucks or SUVs into self-contained adventure […]

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Can Starlink Bring High-Speed Internet to Your Next Camping Trip?

Starlink promises to bring high-speed Internet to rural and remote areas currently underserved by wired Internet. Can it also also bring high-speed Internet along on your next camping trip? This weekend, I embarked on a 1,600-mile road trip to find out.  What’s Elon Musk’s Starlink Device?  Created by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Starlink’s goal is to spread […]

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