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Quadball and Ultimate Might Be the Most Trans-Inclusive Sports

In June, several athletic governing bodies—including Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), which oversees international cycling competitions, and the International Swimming Federation—tightened restrictions on transgender athletes, saying such policies will create a more fair and level playing field. Other sports have since followed suit.  Meanwhile, two quirky but fiercely competitive sports—quadball and Ultimate—are taking a different approach: […]

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Things Are Already Getting Weird on ‘Alone’

Envision the Tour de France peloton sitting at the starting line, preparing for three grueling weeks of biking across the Alps and Pyrenees. Suddenly, one rider dismounts his bicycle, walks into the forest, and reemerges astride a 1962 Ducati Scrambler motorcycle. In this bizarre scenario, the Tour allows riders to utilize anything they find along […]

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Chloe Kim Has Been Prioritizing Her Mental Health—with the Help of Her Dog

In February, Chloe Kim made history as the first woman to win two Olympic gold medals in the halfpipe. Since then, she’s been prioritizing her mental health. That’s included the major decision to sit out the 2022–23 snowboarding season, she said in an interview with Cheddar News last month. “When you train for something for four […]

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Buy One of These NFTs and You’ll Get Discounted Wellness Drinks for Life

Lots of start-up founders reach out to friends and investors to help bring their products to market. But the creators of Leisure Project, a new wellness beverage, are going about things a little differently. They’re selling a limited-edition run of NFTs that will grant the buyers the opportunity to “cocreate” the brand with them from […]

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