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Hollywood’s Latest Cycling Flub Involves Ben Affleck and a Gravel Bike

Mainstream film and TV productions rarely get bikes right. Probably the last American movie to lend cycling any verisimilitude was Breaking Away in 1979. Since then, the bicycle has mostly served to establish a protagonist as either a renegade and outcast (Quicksilver, Premium Rush) or a socially and emotionally stunted man-child (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, 40-Year-Old […]

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Road Cycling Is Ripe for Reinvention

For many, many years, road cycling was synonymous with elitism. Inscrutable rules, costly custom frames, all manner of unguents and embrocations… In the heady days of the Lance Armstrong-era American Roadie Boom, cycling even became known as “the new golf,” and anecdotes abounded about Lycra-clad business bros, high on Enervit and ego, making big-money deals as […]

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