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It’s Time for a Mountain Dew Smackdown

I’m All For Trying New Things, but the Original Mountain Dew Flavor—Citrus—Is the One True Path By Jonathan Dorn Let me begin by commending my opponent for joining this important debate. Adam is a caring parent, a world traveler, and a charismatic champion of spiders, snakes, and other unfairly despised creatures. His empathy for underdogs […]

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I Have Been Frying Eggs Wrong My Entire Life

One of my greatest sources of wonder in life: At every breakfast joint I’ve ever patronized, there is a person working in the kitchen who can cook eggs to order. This person sometimes works completely by themselves, responsible for eggs, hash browns, toast, sometimes french toast, pancakes, and all sorts of other food items that […]

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What’s the Best Food to Eat Before a Run? Whatever You Want.

The other night while eating dinner, after a day of doing various work things and around-the-house things during which I had let time slip by and procrastinated my run, I said a couple things to my wife, Hilary: “I should really go for a run tonight.” “Wanna go get ice cream?” These two things were […]

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Lumen Wants to Track Your Metabolic Flexibility. But Do You Need It?

Metabolic flexibility is a buzzy topic, particularly among biohackers—people who use themselves as an experiment in an effort to be healthier or perform better. Being metabolically flexible means that you’re able to switch between burning carbs and burning fat for energy, which helps your body consistently function at its best, both in everyday life and […]

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How to Cook on Your Smokeless Fire Pit

Smokeless fire pits have arrived, and they’re lighting up the pleasure centers in outdoor enthusiasts’ brains everywhere. A campfire that draws smoke away from the eyes, thereby making the outdoor sesh more enjoyable? Count us in. The traditional campfire has always been key for grilling, roasting, and spit-firing in the wild. So how do smokeless […]

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