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A New Podcast Shows the Dark Side of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Hunt

Forrest Fenn’s treasure could bring out the worst in people. Few know that better than journalist and former Outside Podcast host Peter Frick-Wright, who first wrote about the late millionaire’s hidden chest—and the obsessives who searched for it—for Outside magazine in 2015. That feature story, “On the Hunt for America’s Last Great Treasure,” wasn’t the […]

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Revealed: Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Was Hidden in This National Park

In the summer of 2020, the decade-long Forrest Fenn treasure hunt ended in a tangled mess of conspiracy theories, wild accusations, and protracted legal proceedings. Fenn wouldn’t say who found the treasure. Worse than that, he wouldn’t say where it had been hidden. For a treasure hunt that was supposed to be real-life Indiana Jones, […]

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Our Favorite Books and TV Shows About Polar Exploration (and Disaster)

The other day I searched for Alfred Lansing’s 1959 book Endurance in my local library’s database. I live in the Yukon, in northern Canada, and usually when I search for a decades-old book in the library’s extensive Arctic and Antarctic collections, I find what I need. But this time, every copy of Endurance was already […]

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