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One Solution to Invasive Species: Eat Them

Sea turtles, burrowing owls, ocelots, and manatees are bordering on dangerously low numbers, but invasive species—Burmese pythons, European starlings, feral hogs, and lionfish—are populating in out-of-control numbers. Consider the emerald ash borer, a glittery insect native to Russia, China, and Japan that started popping up in Michigan in 2002, destroying ash trees in their wake. […]

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How the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid Became a Memphis Icon

Partway up a blacktop driveway leading to a hotel called Big Cypress Lodge, you pass under an archway that says: “Welcome to Sportsman’s Paradise.” A coil of interstate on-ramps looms overhead, which, given the architecture just beyond, brings to mind a nest of mythically proportioned snakes protecting an unholy monument. The generic-sounding name of the […]

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