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We Need More Cooking Shows Like ‘Chefs vs. Wild’

The restaurant industry never sleeps. And seemingly so, neither do the employees: when the doors open, orders begin to roll in and the sounds of the kitchen come alive, pots clicking, fires burning, and the oven timer ringing off the chain. If something goes awry, chefs internalize every problem in the kitchen—and after twelve-hour shifts, […]

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One Solution to Invasive Species: Eat Them

Sea turtles, burrowing owls, ocelots, and manatees are bordering on dangerously low numbers, but invasive species—Burmese pythons, European starlings, feral hogs, and lionfish—are populating in out-of-control numbers. Consider the emerald ash borer, a glittery insect native to Russia, China, and Japan that started popping up in Michigan in 2002, destroying ash trees in their wake. […]

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How This Chef Continues Cooking Large in Tight Quarters

We are a few hours into the inaugural sail of the 2022 season aboard the Schooner Ladona, which traces the rocky coast of Maine for twenty-odd weekends a year, seeking adventure in the mist, fog, and harbors of Vacationland. On land, it may be a fine June morning, but at sea, we’ve encountered the truest […]

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Meater Plus Is The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer

The secret to cooking meat? A good thermometer. And, thanks to the $100 Meater Plus’ 165-foot range, surprisingly useful smartphone app, and accurate temperature readings, I’m cooking that meat easier, with more consistent results. Here are my takeaways.  Meater Plus Overview Cost: $100 Compatible with Android and iPhone Maximum internal temperature up to 212°F Includes […]

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This is Our Favorite Summer Cooking Tool

There’s nothing quite like the irresistible sear, smoky flavor, and tantalizing crunch food gets on a grill. But this technique isn’t only for those with outdoor space and high-tech grills. You can also use grilling skillets in a condo or apartment to extract incredibly deep and complex flavors from humble ingredients. The perforated metal skillet […]

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How the Creators of ‘Men With the Pot’ Turned a Hobby into a TikTok Sensation

In 2019, Polish friends Slawek Kalkraut and Krzysztof “Kris” Szymanski began a fun diversion that would later become a social media phenomenon. The two men, who are now known across multiple platforms as Men With The Pot, were working at hotels in Northern Ireland, with Szymanski behind the bar and Kalkraut at the reception desk. […]

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