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The Sandal-Battle Championship: Chaco Versus Birkenstock

This article is part of Outside’s Sandal Battle. View the full field of contestants here. Here’s our recap of the Elite Eight. Below is our breakdown of the Final Four action. Plus, we preview the championship round. Here it is, folks. The final matchup. After more than 20,000 votes across two previous rounds, you’ve picked your favorites. […]

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Timeless, Classic Tevas Are the Absolute Best Sandals

This article is part of Outside’s Sandal Battle. Vote for your all-time favorite here. There are a few things that immediately transport me back in time to my childhood summers: tie-dye shirts, a good swimming hole, and Tevas. Strapping on the Velcro in the morning during those halcyon days meant adventures lay ahead. With Tevas […]

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The Sandal Bracket Is Here. Vote for Your Favorite in Outside’s Sandal Battle.

Nothing tells us that warm weather has arrived quite like the sight of a pair of sandals. But boy, do we have opinions about which sandals are the best. We all know people who are true brand loyalists. I’m thinking of your pal who swears by their decades-old, raggedy shoes, still worn only because they’re […]

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A Zero-Drop Super Shoe? Meet Altra’s Vanish Carbon.

More than two years after nearly every other brand entered the super-shoe fray, Altra has arrived on the scene with its unique entry into the modern marathon-racing genre. After ten runs in the Vanish Carbon, my initial assessment is that this light, peppy, comfortable, well-balanced, and smooth-riding shoe was worth the wait. First, some background. […]

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The Best Track Spikes of 2022, Reviewed

Whether you’re getting ready for a race or a hard workout, the process of spiking up stirs a familiar excitement and anxiety for what’s to come: your body instinctively knows it’s time to perform. If you want to compete at your best in track and field, spikes are essential—and today’s are better than ever. Designers […]

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