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First Ride: The 2023 Santa Cruz Tallboy Gets Updated, Not Overhauled

This article was first published by Pinkbike.com. For Santa Cruz, the previous generation of the Tallboy was a bike that became something of a cult classic. It seemed to resonate with nearly everyone that rode it, inspiring all sorts of unique custom builds, some of them focused on eking out as much downhill performance as […]

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We Fought About Jean Shorts. Here’s the Transcript.

Kitting yourself up for any outdoor sport is a game of careful consideration. Many runners, hikers, mountain bikers, and skiers are likely familiar with the balancing act: wearing all the technical gear you need to stay comfortable, protected, warm, and dry, while channeling just enough nonchalance to let people know that you don’t really care. […]

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2023 Dynastar E-Lite 8 Review

This article was first published by SkiMag.com. The Scores (out of 10) Overall Score: 7.11/10 Rank: #9 Hard-Snow Integrity: 7 Stability at Speed: 7.25 Carving: 7 Quickness: 8 Responsiveness: 7.75 Playfulness: 7.25 Forgiveness: 7.25 Crud Performance: 6.5 Versatility: 6.5 The Specs Price: $850 Lengths: 149, 158, 166 Dimensions: 124-75-109 Radius: 12 (158cm) Level: Novice to Advanced […]

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This Gravel Bike Turned a Mountain Biker Into a Roadie

It’s safe to say that gravel biking has moved beyond a cycling trend and has grown into its own legitimate cycling discipline. Gravel races are booming and average cyclists like myself are ditching their road bikes for gravel-specific whips. And bike manufacturers are responding by giving  those gravel bikes design tweaks that make them more […]

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Sun Protection Favorites for Beating the Heat

While summer was slow to kick off where I live in the Pacific Northwest, it’s roasting now. Sunscreen is always a necessity (don’t make these sunscreen mistakes), but sun hats, sunglasses, and UPF clothing add even more protection to ward off harmful rays—without requiring you to reapply. The ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF, specifies how […]

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We Asked 6 PCT Hikers What Their Favorite Piece of Gear Was

Each summer my hometown of Ashland, Oregon sees a large influx of Pacific Crest Trail hikers coming down from the hills to restock, take a zero day, and do laundry. I love walking around my town, introducing myself to PCT hikers, and asking them about their gear. By the time they have reached Ashland, northbound […]

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