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Inside One of the Craziest Long Weekends of Lifeguard Rescues in Oahu History

During the second week of July on the island of Oahu, no one could stop talking about the huge incoming south swell. News of it was a hot topic among lifeguards, residents, and visitors alike, and as John Titchen, chief of Honolulu’s Ocean Safety Division, traded texts and emails with other local emergency-response-system staffs in preparation, […]

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Where Outside’s Editors Traveled This Summer

This was the summer we all longed to get back out there, despite skyrocketing gas prices and long flight delays. From close-to-home adventures to far-flung explorations, here’s where some Outside editors traveled this season, their secret finds, and the gear that made their trips all that much better. Alpenglow Expeditions’ Loophole route is one of […]

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Here’s Every Movie in Which Dwayne Johnson Walks into a Jungle

When I was laid up with COVID-19 earlier this summer (a two-week period that I like to call “Netflix and ill”), I noticed something: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appears in a lot of jungle-themed movies. They’re almost a natural habitat for his typical on-screen personas: he swings machetes, he fights dangerous wildlife, he raises one […]

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‘Make or Break’ Uses the ‘Drive to Surive’ Formula to Examine Pro Surfing

For a sport with roots that run centuries deep, surfing has been comically misunderstood by mainstream pop culture. It could be the fault of surfers themselves, who, when asked to describe the basic pursuit of riding waves, will often devolve into the babble of a religious zealot. Or it could be the simple fact that, […]

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Hawaii Is Cleaning Its Beaches with a Renewable Resource: Tourists

Hawaii is known for its miles of powdery white, otherworldly black, and even red- and green-sand beaches. Kamilo Beach, on the Island of Hawaii’s southeast coast, boasts blue, green, purple, and pink hues. But the colors here are not natural—they come from plastic fragments mixed into the grains of sand. This stretch of shoreline is a […]

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