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7 Pearls of Wisdom From a 103-Year-Old World Record Runner

Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins is still taking the running world by storm. In 2017, at age 101, Hawkins set the world record for her age group in the 100-meter dash at the USA Track & Field Outdoors Masters Championships. She completed the distance in a blazing 40.12 seconds, instantly catapulting herself to running stardom. Now 103, […]

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5 Essential Stretches To Do Before And After A Workout

A well-balanced training plan has different workouts focused on speed, strength and endurance—stretching is your behind-the-scenes tool to making sure you run faster, stronger and farther. But there is a right way and a wrong way to limber up. And if you’re still using an old-school, touch-your-toes stretching regimen to keep soreness at bay, it’s […]

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Alcohol Can Tank HRV, Resting Heart Rate, and Sleep

It’s no secret that alcohol inhibits overall health, but for runners and other athletes, the risks are even more adverse. Drinking alcohol negatively affects your heart rate variability (or HRV) and heart rate, hinders sleep, can lower testosterone, impair balance and coordination, decrease muscular strength, and impact bone health—which increases the risk of sports-related injuries. […]

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