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These Texas Islands are a Nature Lover’s Paradise

Port Aransas is Texas’ greatest coastal paradise. With more than 18 miles of sandy beaches, hundreds of species of birds, and uber-easy access to world-class fishing, it’s the ultimate Gulf escape from city life. Port A, as locals call it, and San José Island—just a short boat ride away—are teeming with opportunities for nature lovers […]

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Men, Are You Eating Enough to Fuel Your Exercise?

It used to be called the female athlete triad: a condition characterized by lost menstrual periods, a decline in bone density, and stress fractures resulting from taking in too few calories. For years, the condition was regarded as a concern only for women—and only those who lost their periods. Women who retained their periods weren’t considered […]

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Learn How to Use a Compass and Never Get Lost Again

Master the art of navigation and you’ll never lose your way again. In our seven-part Backcountry Navigation course on Outside Learn, you’ll get versed in everything you need to navigate on- and off-trail, from using GPS and digital maps to old-school wayfinding with a paper map and compass. Join the class now and learn at […]

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Insulated Jackets for Every Type of Weather

We’ve all been there: shivering because our jacket isn’t warm enough, or sweating buckets because it’s too thick. Well, there’s good news—puffies just continue to get better. They’re toastier on one end of the spectrum and more breathable, but still cozy, on the other. These are a collection of our top picks from this winter […]

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The (Many) Benefits of Running

Last updated on December 17th, 2021 We’ve heard it a thousand times, so we all know that exercise is good for us. Running, for example, keeps us nimble, burns calories and helps us feel good. But what kind of hard scientific data backs this up? How exactly does running benefit our physical and psychological well-being? […]

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