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An Ode to the Lowa Baldos, the Best Pair of Hiking Boots I’ll Ever Wear

Most of the time, my vanity works against me. This is a story about one time that it didn’t.  A couple years ago, I was looking at photos on the Fjallraven website and realized one of the reasons the pants looked so good on the models was because they were paired with some really nice […]

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Thru-Hiking Messed Up My Feet. Here’s How Toe Socks Came to the Rescue.

For the better part of two years, after I finished hiking the Appalachian Trail and tried (and repeatedly failed) to return to running, the lower half of my right leg became a medical battlefield. I went to physical therapists and massage therapists, general practitioners and osteopaths, surgeons and shrinks, asking them all why I was […]

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