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One Solution to Invasive Species: Eat Them

Sea turtles, burrowing owls, ocelots, and manatees are bordering on dangerously low numbers, but invasive species—Burmese pythons, European starlings, feral hogs, and lionfish—are populating in out-of-control numbers. Consider the emerald ash borer, a glittery insect native to Russia, China, and Japan that started popping up in Michigan in 2002, destroying ash trees in their wake. […]

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An Ode to the Lowa Baldos, the Best Pair of Hiking Boots I’ll Ever Wear

Most of the time, my vanity works against me. This is a story about one time that it didn’t.  A couple years ago, I was looking at photos on the Fjallraven website and realized one of the reasons the pants looked so good on the models was because they were paired with some really nice […]

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How the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid Became a Memphis Icon

Partway up a blacktop driveway leading to a hotel called Big Cypress Lodge, you pass under an archway that says: “Welcome to Sportsman’s Paradise.” A coil of interstate on-ramps looms overhead, which, given the architecture just beyond, brings to mind a nest of mythically proportioned snakes protecting an unholy monument. The generic-sounding name of the […]

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