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The Best Fleeces of 2022

Hikerkind Midlayer_01 ($183) (Photo: Courtesy Hikerkind) Best Style This first offering from Brooklyn-based Hikerkind is a fashionable twist on the classic midlayer. It’s made of a low-profile knit that captures air in lofted pockets for warmth. The result is warm, but its non-fuzzy material provides a cool,  next-to-skin feel, and it reduces environmentally harmful microfiber […]

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What’s the Point of a Soft-Shell Jacket?

Welcome to Ask a Gear Editor, our monthly column where we answer readers’ most puzzling gear questions. Have a burning question of your own? Become an Outside+ member to ask an Outside expert for advice. Dear Gear Team,  What is the point of a soft-shell jacket? Most of the options I’ve seen at stores aren’t really waterproof […]

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The Cold-Weather Gear That Kept Me Warm Amid the Subzero Temps of Denali

You have to be a little bit of a masochist to spend much time on Denali. In the early season (beginning of May), temperatures regularly plunge to 20 below on the upper mountain. You have to be willing to suffer a tad in that environment, but that suffering can get out of hand quickly without really warm […]

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Insulated Jackets for Every Type of Weather

We’ve all been there: shivering because our jacket isn’t warm enough, or sweating buckets because it’s too thick. Well, there’s good news—puffies just continue to get better. They’re toastier on one end of the spectrum and more breathable, but still cozy, on the other. These are a collection of our top picks from this winter […]

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