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In ‘Edge of the Earth,’ Jimmy Chin Goes Beyond the Instagram Wins and Fails of Elite Athletes

In 2018, when Free Solo was busy breaking box office records and blowing minds, Jimmy Chin—who shot the film and directed it with his wife and collaborator Elizabeth “Chai” Vasarhelyi—was getting the same question a lot: How was Alex Honnold not paralyzed by fear as he clung to the face of El Capitan without a […]

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Seeking Swamp Mystique? Look No Further than Congaree National Park.

63 Parks Traveler started with a simple goal: to visit every U.S. national park. Avid backpacker and public-lands nerd Emily Pennington saved up, built out a tiny van to travel and live in, and hit the road, practicing COVID-19 best safety protocols along the way. The parks as we know them are rapidly changing, and […]

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In HBO’s ‘Edge of the Earth,’ the Best Athletes Attempt the Craziest Feats in the Most Remote Places

I don’t envy adventure filmmakers in 2022, tasked with the nearly impossible job of delivering a story that their audience hasn’t seen before. Back in the day, when Warren Miller first started releasing shred flicks, all a filmmaker had to do was point a camera at someone skiing a steep face, overlay the footage with […]

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The Best Lake Towns in America

Nothing screams summer like having a big swimming hole in your backyard. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite lake destinations that pair water-bound adventures with a getaway-worthy town where you can find a decent bite to eat and a place to rest your head. June Lake, California (Photo: Aaron McCoy/Getty) Nicknamed the Switzerland of California, […]

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