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How to Satisfy the Whole Family’s Tastes on a Camping Trip

Emily Vikre’s favorite spirit is Green Chartreuse, a distilled liquor she describes as “kind of weird and intense, but also sweet and complex, and…pretty much awesome.” It’s not surprising that Vikre would choose a quirky, complicated libation made from 130 macerated botanicals as her “spirit spirit.” Her own life is one of layered complexity. The […]

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Why Your Daughter Needs a Mentor

The statistics are familiar but discouraging: 14-year-old girls drop out of sports at twice the rate of boys their age. Girls of color have a 25 percent lower participation rate in sports than white boys and girls and boys of color. Forty-eight percent of female college athletes struggle with anxiety, compared to 31 percent of male college athletes. […]

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The Best Kids’ Gear of 2022

Keen Newport Shoe Booties ($65) (Photo: Courtesy Keen) Kids can now wear Keen’s classic sandals year round. The Newport Shoe features the same grippy, lugged soles and durable webbing straps, but with a neoprene liner that acts like a wetsuit in chilly creeks. (4T–7) Buy Now Sunday Afternoons Kids’ Sun Guardian Hat ($25) (Photo: Courtesy […]

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