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Quadball and Ultimate Might Be the Most Trans-Inclusive Sports

In June, several athletic governing bodies—including Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), which oversees international cycling competitions, and the International Swimming Federation—tightened restrictions on transgender athletes, saying such policies will create a more fair and level playing field. Other sports have since followed suit.  Meanwhile, two quirky but fiercely competitive sports—quadball and Ultimate—are taking a different approach: […]

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Cal ‘Starburst’ Dobbs Becomes the First Reported Publicly Trans Triple Crowner

On Thursday, August 11, 25-year-old Cal “Starburst” Dobbs (they/he), completed their thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, becoming the first reported transgender hiker to triple crown. To become a triple crowner, you have to complete the 2,000-mile-long Appalachian Trail, the 3,000-mile Continental Divide Trail, and the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail. All in all, the accomplishment involves […]

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The Unsolved 1996 Murders Still Haunting Women and Queer Communities

For women and queer people, the American wilderness offers a double-edged sense of freedom. There is a long history of marginalized communities going to the woods for adventure, solace, or social connection that is hard, if not impossible, to find in regular life. But the woods, in their distance from laws and safety personnel, can also […]

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