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I’m Never Going to Be Fast Again, but I’m Still in Love with Running 

I remember long runs most. My absolute favorite workout was a 14-miler with the middle ten fast. The kind of run where you hit halfway and have no idea how you’ll hold on, but somehow you do. It’s the best feeling in the world, like running is your superpower. Those runs are fading Polaroids to me […]

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Why We Should Embrace Post-Race Emptiness 

Earlier this month, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, the reigning men’s Olympic 1,500-meter champion, gave a post-race interview at the Sound Running Track Meet in California. The 21-year-old Norwegian had just vanquished a quality field in the 5,000-meters despite still being, as he put it, in the “basic training” phase of his season. After answering a few questions […]

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