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Mount Everest Is Experiencing the Best Weather Window in a Decade

Climbers on Mount Everest are celebrating after more than a week of successful summit expeditions, made possible by an unusually long period of good weather. A spokesperson with the Nepal Department of Tourism told Outside that approximately 450 mountaineers made it to the world’s highest point between Saturday, May 7, and Sunday, May 15. According to […]

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First All-Black Expedition Summits Everest

On Thursday morning, seven climbers and eight Nepali guides from the Full Circle Everest expedition celebrated on the summit of Mount Everest. Their successful climb pens a new chapter into the 60-year history of the world’s highest peak. Full Circle is the first expedition comprised completely of Black climbers. Expedition operator Jiban Ghmire of Shangri-La […]

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Adrian Ballinger Just Completed the First Ski Descent on Makalu

On Monday, alpinist Adrian Ballinger completed the first recorded ski descent from the true summit of 27,766-foot Makalu, the world’s fifth-highest mountain. Ballinger, along with his climbing partners Dorji Sonam Sherpa and Pasang Sherpa, reached the peak’s summit on Monday at 9 A.M. amid whiteout conditions. They were the first team to reach Makalu’s summit […]

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Climber Dies on Everest, Another Missing on Lhotse

There’s been another fatality on the world’s highest peak. On Sunday, Nepali officials confirmed the death of Russian climber Pavel Kostrikin, 55, on the slopes of Mount Everest. According to multiple reports, Kostrikin collapsed and died of altitude sickness on Saturday evening at Camp I, which is located at 17,585 feet. He had been completing […]

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Mount Everest Permits Down Drastically After Historic 2021

After two years of pandemic-fueled lockdowns and expedition cancellations, will the 2022 climbing season on Mount Everest regain some semblance of normalcy?  This is the pressing question facing another cohort of climbers aspiring to reach the highest point on the planet. With an extended ban on travel to the Chinese side of the mountain due to […]

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Ukraine Asks Nepal to Ban Russian Climbers from Himalayas

Ukraine wants to keep Russian mountaineers off the world’s highest peaks. Last week, officials with the Ukrainian embassy in New Delhi, India, wrote a letter to Nepal’s embassy in India asking the country to ban all Russian mountaineering teams from entering Nepal until Russia ends its invasion of Ukraine. Outside was sent a copy of […]

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