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4 Documentaries We Can’t Wait to See at the Mountainfilm Festival

Mountainfilm has been held in the heart of the San Juan Mountains every Memorial Day weekend for 44 years. The festival brings together athletes, filmmakers, and cinephiles to the picturesque town of Telluride, Colorado, to watch hundreds of the year’s best adventure films and attend talks with movers and shakers in the outdoor world (in […]

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More than 100 Climbers Reach Everest Summit

Portuguese climber Pedro Queirós says he stopped speaking to God 20 or 30 years ago. But on Monday night, as Queirós trudged through hurricane-force winds toward the summit of Mount Everest, he restarted his dormant conversation with a higher power. “I was asking God ‘please stop the wind,’” Queirós told Outside. “If it was just a […]

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Anti-Semitic Statements by a Climbing Pioneer Prompt the American Alpine Club to Rename a Prestigious Honor

On the morning of May 4, I learned that the American Alpine Club (AAC) is planning to change the name of the Robert and Miriam Underhill Award, a prestigious annual prize that honors the memories of two outstanding alpinists, a husband-and-wife team who made a mark in the first half of the 20th century. For […]

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The Cold-Weather Gear That Kept Me Warm Amid the Subzero Temps of Denali

You have to be a little bit of a masochist to spend much time on Denali. In the early season (beginning of May), temperatures regularly plunge to 20 below on the upper mountain. You have to be willing to suffer a tad in that environment, but that suffering can get out of hand quickly without really warm […]

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