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Fastpacking 101: What You Need for This Running-Backpacking Hybrid

I have to confess, I find backpacking quite boring. And not for a lack of trying, either—I grew up backpacking with my parents and high school friends, and was even a guide on youth trips in Montana. I still get talked into a trip once in a while, but besides the camaraderie, backpacking feels monotonous, slow, and […]

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How to Cook on Your Smokeless Fire Pit

Smokeless fire pits have arrived, and they’re lighting up the pleasure centers in outdoor enthusiasts’ brains everywhere. A campfire that draws smoke away from the eyes, thereby making the outdoor sesh more enjoyable? Count us in. The traditional campfire has always been key for grilling, roasting, and spit-firing in the wild. So how do smokeless […]

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Men, Are You Eating Enough to Fuel Your Exercise?

It used to be called the female athlete triad: a condition characterized by lost menstrual periods, a decline in bone density, and stress fractures resulting from taking in too few calories. For years, the condition was regarded as a concern only for women—and only those who lost their periods. Women who retained their periods weren’t considered […]

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Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Beginner Thru-Hikers

Every afternoon near the start of my first thru-hike, I knew just where I’d to find the hiker named Poncho—and that he’d greet me with advice that would help me finish the Appalachian Trail. A few years earlier, Poncho, a fifty-something auto mechanic from Boston, had found his real home (and that nickname) on the […]

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