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Insiders Guide to Rafting the Grand Canyon

Rafting the Grand Canyon is a bucket-list trip for many people and a spectacular way to fully experience the beauty, solitude and unique environment of this natural wonder. Along your rafting trip, you’ll have opportunities to stop and do hikes to Ancestral Puebloan sites, see waterfalls, swim in turquoise waters and spot wildlife like bighorn […]

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The Best Inflatable Boats of 2022

Last year, the paddling industry saw record-breaking sales of inflatable watercraft. This year we predict that trend will continue. Already, the increased demand for blow-up boats is pushing high-end technology into more affordable models. What does that mean for you? Better performance for a better price. These were the three new models that really caught […]

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Ben McGrath on ‘Riverman,’ the Story of an American Legend Who Disappeared

The cover shot of Riverman: An American Odyssey—a wide stretch of the Hudson River—was taken not far from Piermont, New York, where the book’s author, Ben McGrath, lives with his wife and two young children. “It would take me half an hour to be in that same spot,” McGrath says. He often does paddle there, […]

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Cattle-Tank Paddling: the Raucous Nebraska River Race Where Everybody Wins

“It’s just one of them things,” Mitch Glidden tells me. He’s smiling wide behind a thick horseshoe mustache. “You gotta get heads in beds.” When Glidden speaks, you listen; not only because he’s an inveterate storyteller, or because his eyes crackle like fireworks, or because he’s arguably the jolliest man in Hooker County, Nebraska, but […]

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