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The Cordillera Huayhuash of Northern Peru Is Jagged, Raw Beauty

Darcie Reed and I had been hiking for four hours along a red- and iron-orange dirt path augured into the steep Andean hillside at almost 15,000 feet when, before a bend in the trail, Gilf Laurente stopped us. “Close your eyes,” Laurente, our guide, who is from Huaraz, said, “and hold my hand.” As we […]

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The 10 Most Convincing Bigfoot Sightings

For decades, people around the world have been fascinated with the legend of bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, or whatever you choose to call it. Sightings of a furry, upright biped and reports of beastly footprints have been reported from as far afield as the Himalayas. Although no definitive proof exists, the (often questionable) reports continue adding up. Outside plunged […]

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How Moving into a Tent Changed Everything for Nighttime Photographer Malik Martin

For Malik Martin, who goes by Malik the Martian, the first NFTs he’s ever created are intensely personal. “This is essentially a roadmap to me being outdoors,” the photographer tells Outside.  Called the Constellation Collection, Martin’s photos of the night sky capture his own relationship with nature.  “Back in 2016, I was living in an […]

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