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Community & Camaraderie: What do Berkeley Half Marathon Runners Come Back for Year After Year?

When the leaves turn brown and a sharp cold edge cuts through the morning air in Berkeley, the town starts to buzz with anticipation. Is it Halloween everybody is getting ready for? No, not yet; before scary skeletons and glowing ghosts are taken out of their homes in boxes and closets, the community of Berkeley […]

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Ironman’s Big Bet On Trail Running

When the news broke in May 2021 that Ironman and UTMB were joining forces, the small corner of the internet that hosts the trail running community nearly lost its collective mind. Skeptics lamented the end of trail running’s eccentric, community-centric culture, while optimists celebrated the likelihood of better race organization, standardized rules, and real prize […]

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10 Things You Should Know about the 2023 Boston Marathon

The 2023 Boston Marathon is still months away, but excitement is already brewing for the April 17 race. Registration closed on September 16 and the age-group field and charity fields will be announced by about the first week of October. After that, training, fundraising and various planning details will begin in earnest for the 127th […]

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Trail Runner’s Guide to UTMB 2022

The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) isn’t just one thing. It’s the Spandex Superbowl, wrapped in Gore-Tex Mardi Gras with a dash of Chafing World Cup. It’s a week-long festival of mountain racing that attracts thousands of runners to Chamonix, France. Mountain athlete Hillary Allen is excited to be back in Chamonix. “For me running UTMB […]

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World Championships of Track and Field (Finally) Come to America

American track star Keni Harrison is over the moon about the small family reunion she’s about to have in Eugene, Oregon.  The world record-holder and Olympic silver medalist in the 100-meter hurdles has competed in five global outdoor track and field championship events since 2015—and all of those events have been held at faraway international […]

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