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The Science Says a Sub-Seven-Hour Ironman Is (Sort of) Possible

On June 5, four of the world’s greatest long-distance triathletes will take aim at a couple of those round-number barriers we love to obsess about. There’s the four-minute mile, the two-hour marathon… and now, the seven-hour (for men) and eight-hour (for women) Ironman-distance triathlons. The catchily named Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8 Powered by Zwift races […]

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The Big Sur Waterfall Project Is Top Secret

I first learned about Leor Pantilat the way one learns about lots of things these days: while sitting on my couch and scrolling through Instagram. As an avid hiker and backpacker with decades of mileage in the wilds of California, I recognized the general features of the images he posted—the scoured granite of the Sierra […]

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A Zero-Drop Super Shoe? Meet Altra’s Vanish Carbon.

More than two years after nearly every other brand entered the super-shoe fray, Altra has arrived on the scene with its unique entry into the modern marathon-racing genre. After ten runs in the Vanish Carbon, my initial assessment is that this light, peppy, comfortable, well-balanced, and smooth-riding shoe was worth the wait. First, some background. […]

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Two Elite Runners Wrote the Book on Longevity in Women’s Distance Running

In their new release, How She Did It, elite runners Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery share the stories of 50 successful runners to highlight women’s experiences in the sport. The book serves as an inspirational how-to guide for the next generation of female distance runners, with the goal of promoting athletic longevity. Huddle, a two-time Olympian and […]

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A Roadie Used a Dropper Post to Win a Big Race. Now What?

On March 19, 2022, Matej Mohoric won the 113th edition of the Milan-San Remo road race after unleashing a downhill attack facilitated by a dropper seatpost. This was big news among bike weenies such as myself, but your reaction to it will vary depending on where you fall on the cycling spectrum. If you’re a traditionalist, […]

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To Win in the Mountains, It Helps to Be Born There

One of the nuggets that stuck with me from David Epstein’s 2013 book The Sports Gene was that the two fastest American marathoners at the time, Shalane Flanagan and Ryan Hall, both spent some of their formative years at altitude, in Boulder, Colorado, and Big Bear Lake, California, respectively. Anecdotes aren’t science, of course, but […]

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