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Hot Take: Bike Companies Should Keep Doing What They’re Doing

Bike companies get a lot of crap. Mostly, they get it from their own customers, who complain about things like increasingly expensive products and ever-changing component standards. With regard to the latter, the go-to example is generally the bottom bracket, which in recent years went from a relatively simple threaded affair to a creaky bulbous […]

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A Roadie Used a Dropper Post to Win a Big Race. Now What?

On March 19, 2022, Matej Mohoric won the 113th edition of the Milan-San Remo road race after unleashing a downhill attack facilitated by a dropper seatpost. This was big news among bike weenies such as myself, but your reaction to it will vary depending on where you fall on the cycling spectrum. If you’re a traditionalist, […]

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