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Climb Harder with Better Footwork—Paige Claassen’s 6 Tips

If you’re serious about climbing harder grades, then you need better footwork. In our Outside Learn online course Precision Footwork, master technician Paige Claassen teaches tips and drills to power your movement from your toes up through your legs and core to send your very best. Learn more. If you watch the video of Margo […]

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This Finger Strength Training Plan Is Your Pathway to Improved Climbing

Climbing harder requires stronger fingers, and developing stronger fingers requires specific training. That’s why professional climber Jonathan Siegrist crafted 6 Weeks to Stronger Fingers, a comprehensive training plan aimed at 5.11–5.13 climbers. If you want to climb better and harder, then learn more. One thing everyone needs to consider when starting a finger-training regimen is […]

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