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How Super Shoes are Upending Running’s Sponsorship Model

Last week’s Boston Marathon sparked yet another debate about shoe tech in professional running. This time, the question wasn’t whether super shoes were undermining cherished notions of competitive fairness, but whether pro runners are being forced to choose between getting the best possible sponsorship deal and maximizing their chances of success by retaining the freedom […]

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The Unnecessary Fallout from Shelby Houlihan’s Doping Ban

Last June, when the public was first informed that Shelby Houlihan had tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone and would serve a four-year suspension for doping violations, nobody was more vocal about the apparent injustice of the decision than Houlihan’s coach, Jerry Schumacher. (Houlihan’s team blamed her positive test on a pork burrito that […]

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Words of Wisdom from Brendan Leonard, the Everyman of Ultrarunning

In his collection of running essays, Have Fun Out There Or Not, my fellow Outside columnist Brendan Leonard writes that, “Like anything worth doing, running long distances is about 90 percent tedious bullshit and 10 percent wonderful.” It’s hard to disagree. Leonard, who began running ultras in his mid-thirties, has a talent for chronicling his […]

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Two Elite Runners Wrote the Book on Longevity in Women’s Distance Running

In their new release, How She Did It, elite runners Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery share the stories of 50 successful runners to highlight women’s experiences in the sport. The book serves as an inspirational how-to guide for the next generation of female distance runners, with the goal of promoting athletic longevity. Huddle, a two-time Olympian and […]

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