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Navigating Aches and Aging on the Best Trailrunning Route in the World

A few years ago, I crossed an unseen boundary and entered the land of middle age. The shift came slowly, then abruptly, and there I was, at 48, the new guy in a place whose inhabitants talked about poor sleep, unfaithful bowels, and watching soccer instead of playing it. I adapted to these strange ways […]

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Untangling Running’s Shoe Cushioning Paradox

Over the past four years, a new breed of heavily cushioned running shoes modeled on Nike’s Vaporfly line have rewritten the road-running record books. Soft-bottomed shoes, it turns out, can be exceptionally fast. But the hot new debate about the Vaporfly’s performance advantages has managed to push aside an older conundrum that should be of […]

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The Gear I Used for a Hut-to-Hut Trail-Running Trip in Switzerland

What do you carry when running for nine days and 145 miles through the Swiss Alps? As little as possible, friends and I learned last September while tackling the Via Valais route from Verbier to Zermatt. Athletes instead lean hard on the excellent Swiss hut system, and the occasional valley hotel, for most food and […]

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A Zero-Drop Super Shoe? Meet Altra’s Vanish Carbon.

More than two years after nearly every other brand entered the super-shoe fray, Altra has arrived on the scene with its unique entry into the modern marathon-racing genre. After ten runs in the Vanish Carbon, my initial assessment is that this light, peppy, comfortable, well-balanced, and smooth-riding shoe was worth the wait. First, some background. […]

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Moms

Parenting through a two-year pandemic has been a lot like achieving anything tough outdoors: challenging, sometimes overwhelming, a few tears, but in the end, rewarding. Now it’s time to reward the women who hold it all together. We asked the moms, mother figures, and caregivers of Basecamp—a Facebook group for folks interested in the outdoor […]

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There’s New Data on How Your Arm Swing Affects Running

In the fourth century B.C., the Greek philosopher Aristotle laid down some key principles of running form. “Runners run faster if they swing their arms,” he wrote. “There is in extending the arms a kind of leaning against the hands and wrists.” Modern coaches explain it a little differently, but they still generally believe that […]

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