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Here’s What We Know About the Search for Hilaree Nelson

On Monday morning, news circulated that renowned ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson was missing on 26,781-foot Manaslu. Nelson, 49, and her partner, James Morrison, summited the Himalayan peak on Monday morning and were descending on skis when she suffered a mishap just below the summit. There are conflicting reports about what, exactly, went wrong. What we […]

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A Horse Survived a 200-Foot Fall Down a Hillside on the Pacific Crest Trail

A horse named Oriana is alive and well following a harrowing rescue on the Pacific Crest Trail. OregonLive reported on the event and captured the rescue operation that ultimately saved the mare.  On Saturday, August 20, equestrians Jessica and Dirk Mandt of Beavercreek, Oregon, were walking a section of trail alongside a friend named Laura […]

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A New Study’s Message Is Clear: Put Down the Selfie Stick

For better or for worse, social media is here to stay, and that’s as true in the outdoors as anywhere else. Most of us have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok account, and those platforms have come to play a central role in how outdoorsy people share their adventures with each other and the world […]

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The Best Wilderness Survival Strategies, Based on 103 Successful Rescue Stories

Harrowing survival stories can feel like the lifeblood of outdoor culture, with the image of the gnarled outdoors person spinning tales over a campfire about “that time I almost died” serving as a kind of social currency in the backcountry. It’s a tricky line to tow, as we intermittently validate and admonish adventurers who get lost, […]

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Philip Kreycik Wasn’t Supposed to Die This Way

A few days after the Fourth of July in 2021, Chris Thoburn swiped open his texts to see two waiting from his friend Philip Kreycik. “I’ve got a free pass Friday night and Saturday morning if you’re up for a run,” Kreycik wrote. His wife, Jen, had taken their kids, ages ten months and three […]

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