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If You Ski the East, This is the Type of Ski You Need Underfoot

There’s no beating around the bush: the snow out East is hard. Not for nothing do we know it as the “Ice Coast,” and locals will confirm that bulletproof literally means ice so firm a bullet would ricochet off of it. The East sees microclimates, lake-effect snowstorms, and Nor’easters that produce copious amounts of snow. […]

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Move Over Voile, There’s a New Strap in Town 

After years of designing and building outdoor soft goods, including backpacks, bikepacks, and whitewater rafting gear, Uriel Eisen found that he was always impressed with the quality of the textiles available, but he was constantly underwhelmed by the straps and buckles. And that was a problem, because if the closures failed on the bags, they […]

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Bode Miller Launches Peak Ski Company With 6 New Ski Designs

Bode Miller wants you to try his skis. No, not the burly metal Head or Atomic skis that saw him become the two-time overall World Cup champion and six-time Olympic medalist. He’s not pushing $2,500 pairs of Bomber Skis this time, either. Today, Miller is launching a new venture, Peak Ski Company, a direct-to-consumer ski […]

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8 Ways to Use Ski Straps in the Backcountry

I’ve collected countless ski straps while working as an AIARE instructor and ski guide over the past seven years, and I’m convinced you can’t find a more versatile or capable product for ski or snowboard touring. Often called the duct tape of the backcountry—or backcountry rubber bands—they’ve saved my butt more than a few times, […]

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