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Has Pooping Outdoors Been Ruined Forever?

Dear Sundog: When I was growing up, young and free, pooping outdoors was much more casual and fun because there were fewer people—and fewer rules. Is it possible to follow those rules and still have a glorious bowel movement outdoors, or is the fun ruined forever? —Plugged Dear Plugged: I suspect that when we mourn […]

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What’s the Deal with People Blasting Their Speakers in the Backcountry?

Dear Sundog: I was backpacking some 12 miles from pavement when I came upon a pair of hikers blasting music from tiny speakers in their packs. Isn’t this illegal? Am I within my rights to tell them to turn it off? —Wilderness Audio Prohibition Dear WAP: Back in the day, the problem of doofs rocking […]

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Can I Take Shiny Rocks Home with Me?

Dear Sundog: I’ve been obsessed with rocks since I was a kid. I’d walk riverbeds and shorelines with my head down, picking up everything that caught my eye and pocketing the ones that captured my imagination. I found a fossilized fern once in a layered stone in my favorite part of my home state. It […]

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