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How to Protect Your Dog From Rattlesnake Bites

You’re clomping along with your four-legged best friend down a sunny stretch of trail when, out of nowhere, you hear it—the shcka shcka shcka of a rattlesnake’s tail. The creature is sprawled across the length of the hiking path, and there’s no safe way around. It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare. If a rattlesnake bites […]

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Alpinist Willie Benegas on Being Buried in an Avalanche: ‘So This Is How I Will Die‘

On March 12, well-known alpinist Willie (Guillermo) Benegas was seriously injured in a large avalanche in the Silver Fork Drainage of Big Cottonwood Canyon, about 15 miles from Salt Lake City. The 54-year-old Argentine was co-guiding a group of six women skiers with Winslow Passey, another experienced guide. They had split into two parties, and Benegas […]

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Can a Personal Safety Alarm Protect You in the Backcountry?

If you have concerns about solo hiking or running after dark, you may want to carry a personal safety alarm to help in a crisis. But let’s keep one thing straight: you should not rely solely on a noise deterrent to keep you safe outdoors. Pulling the ripcord won’t magically transport you out of a […]

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Our Favorite Books and TV Shows About Polar Exploration (and Disaster)

The other day I searched for Alfred Lansing’s 1959 book Endurance in my local library’s database. I live in the Yukon, in northern Canada, and usually when I search for a decades-old book in the library’s extensive Arctic and Antarctic collections, I find what I need. But this time, every copy of Endurance was already […]

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