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The Marshall Fire Swallowed Up My Bike Trail. But Life Is Slowly Coming Back to It.

My first lap on Colorado’s Dirty Bismark Trail after the Marshall Fire tore through it on December 30, 2021, took place on a sun-soaked, windy morning, eerily similar to the day of the blaze. As I passed through the first trailhead gate, I was flooded with anxious anticipation mixed with fear of what I’d see—or […]

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Can Squid Tentacles Help Solve the Outdoor Industry’s Sustainability Problem?

Until recently, I did not make the connection between a synthetic jacket and a barrel of crude oil. But now I know: the vast majority of polyester is petroleum-based plastic. Fifty-seven million tons—more than any other fiber in the world—were produced in 2020 alone, according to the Textile Exchange, an international consortium of manufacturers. Few […]

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How Young Women Who Crush Gets Girls on the Rocks

Marjana Tafader peers down at her feet, her coral-and-magenta-patterned hijab tucked neatly beneath her face mask. The young climber’s fingers dance as she reaches slowly and carefully upward with her left hand, seeking the next hold. “Strong, Marjana. You’ve got this,” her belayer, Alexis Krauss, a group mentor, says softly, her heavily inked arms taut […]

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