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The Satellites Powering Epic Adventures Around the World

We all love disconnecting for a good backcountry adventure—no cellphones, emails, or texts, only the sounds of nature. But staying connected for emergencies is always the safest option, especially when our adventures take us to far-flung places hours away from civilization. Satellite devices, such as the Garmin InReach Mini and ZOLEO Satellite Communicator, are well […]

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Everything You Need for Mud and Wind Season

The end of winter can be terrible. Snowmelt causes mud, which greedily clings to dogs, bikes, shoes, and tires, creating a mess in your car and house. At the same time, warming air temperatures cause wind, which blows dust into your eyes and makes the days feel colder than they should be. To help mitigate […]

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Can a Personal Safety Alarm Protect You in the Backcountry?

If you have concerns about solo hiking or running after dark, you may want to carry a personal safety alarm to help in a crisis. But let’s keep one thing straight: you should not rely solely on a noise deterrent to keep you safe outdoors. Pulling the ripcord won’t magically transport you out of a […]

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