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Who’s earning what? Report reveals top-20 pro cycling salaries

Ever wondered how much you’d earn if you won the Tour de France twice before you turned 23? Six million euros ($6.6 million) a year, that’s how much. At least, that’s what a report published this weekend by sports finance outlet Calcio e Finanza suggests Tadej Pogačar is earning in 2022. The Calcio e Finanza […]

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7 Half-Baked Ideas that Could Spice Up the Tour de France

The Tour de France has broken from tradition—and I couldn’t be happier. For decades, the race’s ownership group, Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), kept the Tour preserved in time, like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. The rules, regulations, stage distances, and the presence of podium girls all felt like holdovers from a bygone era. At best, […]

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