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Navigating Aches and Aging on the Best Trailrunning Route in the World

A few years ago, I crossed an unseen boundary and entered the land of middle age. The shift came slowly, then abruptly, and there I was, at 48, the new guy in a place whose inhabitants talked about poor sleep, unfaithful bowels, and watching soccer instead of playing it. I adapted to these strange ways […]

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The Big Sur Waterfall Project Is Top Secret

I first learned about Leor Pantilat the way one learns about lots of things these days: while sitting on my couch and scrolling through Instagram. As an avid hiker and backpacker with decades of mileage in the wilds of California, I recognized the general features of the images he posted—the scoured granite of the Sierra […]

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The Gear I Used for a Hut-to-Hut Trail-Running Trip in Switzerland

What do you carry when running for nine days and 145 miles through the Swiss Alps? As little as possible, friends and I learned last September while tackling the Via Valais route from Verbier to Zermatt. Athletes instead lean hard on the excellent Swiss hut system, and the occasional valley hotel, for most food and […]

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Words of Wisdom from Brendan Leonard, the Everyman of Ultrarunning

In his collection of running essays, Have Fun Out There Or Not, my fellow Outside columnist Brendan Leonard writes that, “Like anything worth doing, running long distances is about 90 percent tedious bullshit and 10 percent wonderful.” It’s hard to disagree. Leonard, who began running ultras in his mid-thirties, has a talent for chronicling his […]

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