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Contestants on ‘Alone’ May Have Found the Perfect Backcountry Food

Squirrel steak is too tough; snail puree, too squishy. Muskrat flambé could make you sick, and don’t get me started on the challenge of finding a good moose burger. As a superfan of the History Channel’s reality survival show Alone, I’ve learned that the perfect bushcraft cuisine simply does not exist, and that every wilderness […]

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Things Are Already Getting Weird on ‘Alone’

Envision the Tour de France peloton sitting at the starting line, preparing for three grueling weeks of biking across the Alps and Pyrenees. Suddenly, one rider dismounts his bicycle, walks into the forest, and reemerges astride a 1962 Ducati Scrambler motorcycle. In this bizarre scenario, the Tour allows riders to utilize anything they find along […]

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