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The Verdict Is In: The New Apple Watch Ultra Can Handle An Ironman

We’ve reviewed Apple watches before, and, in the past, have always told endurance athletes, “It’s a nice watch, but it’s not really for what you do.” That’s especially true for those, like triathletes, who train every day, usually twice per day, and have a particular affinity for data, accuracy, and workout organization. Apple watches have […]

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The New Apple Watch Ultra Might Replace Your Garmin, Sleep-Tracker, and Dive Computer All at Once

I’ve switched between my Apple Watch and a Garmin Fenix watch for several years, depending on the day. The Apple Watch has been my go-to for daily life because it’s great at motivating me to get out for a run, keeps me up to date on notifications, stores a ton of music, and works seamlessly […]

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The Garmin Fenix 7X Solar Is the Only Watch I Want to Wear

For most of my life, I didn’t consider myself a watch person. Sure, I appreciated being able to control my AirPods with my Apple Watch, but it never hooked me because the battery was—and still is—too small to power big adventures. I tested several older Garmin and Suunto watches years ago, but they ended up […]

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