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Flash Floods Pounded Southwestern National Parks This Past Weekend

Heavy rains and flash flooding in the Southwest this weekend prompted rescues at two national parks, and left one tourist missing in Utah. The region is bracing for more monsoon rains, which could bring additional damage. On Friday, a flash flood at Utah’s Zion National Park swept multiple people off their feet in the Zion […]

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A Legendary Hot Air Balloon Pilot Died After a Bizarre Crash. It Still Doesn‘t Make Sense.

It took a few minutes for passengers aboard the hot-air balloon to notice that their pilot had gone silent. Brian Boland was no longer pointing out ridgelines rising above recently mowed fields in the Connecticut River Valley, or the land curvatures where geologists believe Africa was once connected to the North American continent. Instead, he […]

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Philip Kreycik Wasn’t Supposed to Die This Way

A few days after the Fourth of July in 2021, Chris Thoburn swiped open his texts to see two waiting from his friend Philip Kreycik. “I’ve got a free pass Friday night and Saturday morning if you’re up for a run,” Kreycik wrote. His wife, Jen, had taken their kids, ages ten months and three […]

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What’s the Point of a Soft-Shell Jacket?

Welcome to Ask a Gear Editor, our monthly column where we answer readers’ most puzzling gear questions. Have a burning question of your own? Become an Outside+ member to ask an Outside expert for advice. Dear Gear Team,  What is the point of a soft-shell jacket? Most of the options I’ve seen at stores aren’t really waterproof […]

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Why Cyclists Can Handle Heat Better Than Runners

Something is always lost in translation from the lab to the real world—a fact that’s captured in the concept of “ecological validity,” the extent to which the conditions in an experiment match those you’d encounter in the wild. One way around this problem is to skip the lab entirely and search for patterns in naturally […]

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Everything You Need for Mud and Wind Season

The end of winter can be terrible. Snowmelt causes mud, which greedily clings to dogs, bikes, shoes, and tires, creating a mess in your car and house. At the same time, warming air temperatures cause wind, which blows dust into your eyes and makes the days feel colder than they should be. To help mitigate […]

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