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California’s Largest Wildfire of 2022 Is Burning the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run Course

California’s largest fire this year is currently burning on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains, east of Sacramento, threatening several foothill communities known for their proximity to one of the most iconic ultrarunning races on Earth—The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Specifically, the section of the course most threatened or burned is […]

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A Hiker Tried to Burn a Spider. He Allegedly Sparked a Wildfire Instead.

There are some safety tips every adventurer should know: always tell someone where you’re going, pack extra layers of clothing, and never try to kill a spider with a lighter—you might start a wildfire. A man is accused of doing just that during a hike east of Springville, Utah on Monday. Cory Allan Martin, 26, […]

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Looking Toward the Fire from My Front Yard, I Thought, ‘This Is Going to Burn My House Down.’

On July 22, the Oak Fire started in Midpines, California, 37 miles from Yosemite Valley. At the time of publication, 18,532 acres and 41 homes and buildings have been destroyed. This is the story of one Mariposa resident who lost his house in the fire. On Friday, July 22, I’d just returned home from hosting […]

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To Save Sequoias from Wildfire, We Must Save Them from Ourselves

It’s not like my family actually went through the exercise of picking a spirit tree for each of us, but if we had, my parents would have picked coastal redwoods. My dad grew up in Larksburg, California, on San Francisco Bay, in a house built beneath redwoods that were big enough that he, his three […]

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Meet Porky, Cinder, and Other Furry Survivors of the 2022 New Mexico Superfires

This spring, New Mexico was hit hard by wildfires, and two of them burned through vast swaths of public and private land to the west and east of Santa Fe, where I live. The Cerro Pelado Fire, which at press time had scorched more than 45,000 acres of backcountry south and west of Los Alamos, […]

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The 5 Best New Children’s Books About the Environment

Whenever my four-year-old daughter, Josephine, and I visit a library, she runs straight past the children’s nonfiction section—packed with information about animals, ecosystems, and environmental issues—and makes a beeline for the storybooks. Like most humans, her brain is hardwired to learn through stories, and her favorites involve talking animals, struggles between good and evil, and […]

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